Complications Arising Due To The Consumption Of Edamame In Pregnancy:

Consumption Of Edamame In Pregnancy

1. Increased Risk Of Bleeding

The consumption of edamame during pregnancy can increase the risk of bleeding when you are on blood-thinning medications. In fact, when you are on blood-thinning drugs while expecting, you should not have any form of soy products. Staying away from edamame can help minimize the risk of bleeding and ensure safe pregnancy. Also, if you are on any antidepressant drugs, then you should refrain from consuming edamame and other soy products in order to not to put your health and your fetus’ health at risk.


2. Allergies

Eating edamame while you are expecting can make you suffer from the discomfort of soy allergies. If you are already suffering from soy allergies, then you certainly can’t have edamame or any other form of soy during your pregnancy phase. Eating it while expecting, it may make you suffer from nausea, discomfort due to hives, flushed skin, and irritation due to itching.


4. Miscarriage & Fertility Problems

If you have edamame during pregnancy then you are might put your pregnancy at risk and are more likely to suffer from fertility issues. Soy comprises estrogen. So, eating edamame during the first trimester may increase the risk of miscarriage thus subjecting your pregnancy at risk. So, if you crave to eat soy, consult your doctor first and choose to eat organic soy in limited prescribed quantities.


5. Stomach Problems

Another kind of health concern that you may experience by eating edamame during pregnancy are stomach problems. If you happen to eat large quantities of edamame while you are expecting, then you are bound to suffer from its side-effects. Consumption of large amounts of soy products and edamame can make you suffer from stomach cramps, diarrhea, and discomfort due to constipation, thus hampering your healthy pregnancy significantly.


6. Fetal Issues

Edamame, just like the rest of the soy products, is known for comprising high amounts of plant estrogen, for instance, isoflavones. The consumption of edamame during pregnancy can put your fetus to the estrogenic chemical exposure that can affect it adversely. In fact, estrogenic exposure can affect a female baby right from its fetal stage to its adolescence. Also, the consumption of edamame in neonatal stage by women can also affect their reproductive health resulting in reproductive problems in the later stage of their life.


Now that you know these five health complications resulting due to the intake of edamame while you are expecting, avoid them or have them in small amounts after having a word with your physician.

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