Home Remedies For Relief Knee Pain

Home Remedies For Relief Knee Pain

1. Rest And Massage

If you are a working woman, who is taking care of home and work then there are chances that your leg is overburdened and hence, your knees are aching. First and foremost, take rest for few days. If the pain in the knee reduces then you can be rest assured that you are pushing your knees extensively and that’s the only reason for pain. You will have to offload your responsibilities to someone else so that your legs can get the rest that they deserve. If the pain is unbearable then you can opt for cold or hot compress, so that you can experience the results immediately, in few hours.


2. Soak In Epsom Salt Solution

Epsom salt contains magnesium and that will help you to get rid of knee pain. If you are suffering from tired legs and knee pain then this solution will help you. Fill a bucket with warm water and put a handful of Epsom salt in it. Let the salt dissolve and then soak your leg in it. Ensure that your knee is dipped in water. Let the knee be soaked for 15 minutes. Clean your legs with warm water and go to bed. Try this for seven days and you will be surprised with the result.


3. Hot Massage

Hot massage is one of the best ways to immediately feel relaxed. If you are in no mood to massage your knees then you can take bath with lukewarm water so that you can feel good. If you are suffering from stiffness of knee bone then hot massage will help you to get relief. It is better that you massage your knees with hot compress. This will ensure that the pain in the knee is reduced and at the same time, you can also sleep peacefully.


4. Massage With Mustard Oil

You can heat mustard oil and massage it on your knees for 15 minutes. You should massage the knees, from upwards towards your feet and you will be able to witness the results in an hours’ time. Many a times, pain in the knee can also be due to the excess friction between the knee bones, so in such situations, this therapy can be considered to be the best.


5. Ginger Tea

To get rid of the knee pain, sip ginger tea and say bye to your regular tea and coffee. You can just crush a small piece of ginger, mix it in one cup of hot water, add honey and few drops of lime and sip it. This will help you to get rid of the pain. This will not give you immediate relief, but you will be able to experience pain relief in 15 days’ time. You can sip ginger tea while you provide the required massage to your knees.



6. Massage With Olive Oil

Olive oil is warm than that of the other oils and hence, people living in cold countries prefer to use this for cooking. If you are suffering from knee pain then use olive oil for massaging. Heat olive oil and massage it over your knees till you are able to feel the warmth beneath your skin. If you are suffering from knee pain due to lack of lubrication between the joints then this will yield you results immediately. Massage your knees with olive oil for 3-4 times in a day. You will be able to witness pain relief in a matter of just few days.


7. Turmeric

Turmeric is known for the anti-inflammatory properties that it offers. Ensure that you include this in your food to get rid of various pains in the body. For immediate relief, you can add turmeric in warm water, add few drops of lime and honey and sip it, twice a day. You will be able to witness the results, over a period of time and hence, you cannot expect results in a day or two. You will have to use turmeric, along with some other remedy.

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